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Eleven Year Old Jazz Sensation

On the day of May 12, 2015 New York Times noted that an eleven year old boy named Joey Alexander, who is barely tall enough to see over the piano, played a sensational piece of Jazz. Joey Alexander played his classical piece at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola in, which was astonishingly sold out.

It was the cutest and most surprising thing in the world when Joey had received his very own standing ovation. Only being as tall as an adults chest, Joey Alexander stood between his own personal bassist and his drummer. The group planned on taking a bow together for their cheering audience. To learn more about Joey follow this link.

The eleven year old was originally founded in Indonesia approximately three year ago. He was discovered in a town called Jakarta by a Brad Reifler ( After finding out that he had such a talent, his parents decided to move him to New York, just last year. Joey became a hit in just one night’s time after giving a performance as a guest at the Lincoln Center Gala. That performance in which raised his reviews practically to the top. Joey has a few upcoming events at the Newport Jazz Festival in the month of August. He also made an album that will be released this week and is called “My Favorite Things” or “Motema”.