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The 7 Iconic Coke Ads

For decades, the Coca-Cola brand has been the number one brand in the soda industry. With iconic ads and slogans it is easy to see why the name Coca-Cola is praised not just in North America, but throughout the world. Coke is also known for producing some of most iconic beverages such as Sprite, Dasani, Powerade, Minute Maid, Bacardi Mixers, and Honey Tea. The successful brand names can attribute their success to the excellent advertising campaigns.

Here are the top 7 ads, created by Coca-Cola CO.

1.) “Things Go Better With Coke” 1963.

This particular slogan was aimed more towards the younger crowd. The advertisement shows teenagers enjoying a nice refreshing bottle of coke while enjoying a day at the beach. This ad was genius because it brought music and advertising together.

2.) “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” 1971.

This is an advertisement song that was first released on the radio. The radio version had limited success. It wasn’t until the TV version came on, that the ad showed real success. The ad was even featured on “Mad Men”

3.) “Have a Coke and Smile” 1979.

This iconic advertisement featured the Pittsburgh Steeler defense tackle, Mean Joe Greene. The ad itself did not catch on until a year after the premier.

4.) “Catch the Wave”, featuring Max Headroom, 1986.

This ad was created to appeal to the younger generation. The ad featured the computer generated Max Headroom. The advertisement coincided with the release of the New Coke. Other elements of this advertisement include the bashing of the Pepsi company.

5.) “Always Coca-Cola”, 1993

This ad featured 26 variations of the advertisement that would appeal to a different demographic. The slogan was sung in a catchy tune that emphasized the phrase, “Can’t Beat the Real Thing”. This was the first ad to be sent out with 26 variations.

6.) “The Coke Side of Life”, 2006

This advertisement was really released in 2005, however it did not gain popularity until 2006. The goal of the advertisement was to spread positivity. The ad was officially launched during the NCAA Final Four as well as on “American Idol”.

7.) “#MakeItHappy, 2015″

The ad debuted during the 2015 Super Bowl. The goal of this advertisement was to fight against online bullying. This ad brought awareness to online bullying especially through Twitter. This ad, when compared to all the other ads, brought the biggest awareness to the public.

Big thanks to Igor Cornelsen for sharing this insightful list via Facebook for all to see.