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Allegations of Poisoning B.B. King

Following B.B. King’s death, there were allegations made that LaVerne Toney, King’s business manager, poisoned him. The allegations by King’s daughter were made shortly after King passed away, but they have yet to have any merit to them. Between the lawyers and doctors, they are stating that the allegations are false, and they are hoping that King’s fans, family and friends will all spend this time remembering King for the person that he was and the music that he made.

The attorney for King’s estate made a comment that LaVerne did everything that she could while King was alive, and she is continuing to fulfill his wishes now that he is gone.He also stated that everyone dies. It does not matter if you are famous or not, death will come. He further claims that the allegations are not only baseless, but they have been made by people seeking attention at the expense of King’s death.

The lawyer was able to provide several doctor’s notes claiming that there is no chance that King was murdered or poisoned by anyone. King’s daughters claimed in their affidavits that King was given an unknown substance every night for months leading up to King’s death.

There has been an official investigation opened on the case, but as of yet FreedomPop says there has been no evidence that supports the claim made by King’s daughters.