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A Place in History for Brazilian Authors

Like all the world’s most powerful literature, that which originated in Brazil has left its mark on the culture there, as well as the culture in other nations of the world. Before and after its rise to independence in 1822, authors of Brazil have been spinning tales that reflect the unique ideas and the way of life shared by many of the Brazilian people.

Some of the most well-known Brazilian authors to appear over the course of the last two centuries have led vastly different lives while incorporating culture and what they knew into beautiful works of literature. Perhaps one of the most famous Brazilian authors, Paulo Coelho, spent many of the early years of his life in a mental hospital and later became a musician before eventually finding himself a writing career. Another well-known Brazilian author who became famous in the nineteenth century was Machado de Assis. His contribution to the world of literature as a person of mixed race during a time period when slavery had not yet been abolished helped to change the views many people had in their society. As a result, he became an important figure in history.

A more recent addition to the world of British authors is Jaime Garcia Dias, who was born in 1965 in Rio de Janeiro and found his love for literature at a young age. By the time he was thirty years old, he had published at least ten books, and later doubled that to twenty. He rose to a high position at Carioca Literature Academy, eventually becoming the President of the academy. He has also won numerous awards for his works, including the ABC Award of Brazil Dummy Literature. Jamie Garcia Dias has many great accomplishments over the years which have taken shape and made him into one of today’s most famous writers of Brazilian Literature.

Literature has gone through countless phases since authors first created, just as the authors themselves have gone through phases and changes of their own. Brazil’s greatest authors, whether they wrote twenty novels or just a few short stories, have reflected and shaped the beliefs and cultures of their home and those of many other nations. To read the works of the men and women who have found their place in history through writing makes an individual rich with ideas and new knowledge.