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Two Paths to Success

There are two paths that one could follow in order to be successful in the field that she chooses. The two common paths that are taken are working for a corporation, and starting a business. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Susan McGalla has experienced both of these paths. So she knows what both of these worlds have to offer. She also knows how to pursue success in both fields. She also has a lot of advice for women that are looking to succeed in both of these worlds. She also has a recommendation for which world to take depending on the person.

With achieving success by going up the corporate ladder, the advantages are rather attractive for people that are ambitious. For one thing, when people start working for a corporation, they are started with pay. They may get on the job training as it depends on the corporation. The disadvantage of that is that people have no idea of what type of manager they are going to be subjected to. Also, the corporate world is often a cutthroat type of world with backstabbing and other types of issues that can prevent a woman from climbing the ladder. However, if she shows herself to be reliable and asserts herself, then she will continue to advance.

The other option is for one to go into business for herself. One major advantage to that is that it is very easy for one to work for herself. She can choose what she does and how much she could make for herself. She also does not have to worry about any corporate biases and office politics. There are disadvantages that can discourage one from pursuing her goals of being a business owner. For one thing, one is not going to make money from her business for a while and she may be paying for her business for a while. She will also not be paid hourly.

Susan McGalla has experienced both paths. She has also managed to make good on her path to success. While she has experienced the freedom that could come with running a successful business of her own. Not having to worry about the boss getting ready to fire her is something that she enjoys. However, running a business has its own set of worries. For one thing, she does have to make sure that she hires the right people and see that they understand what is expected of them.

Susan McGalla also speaks on how to run a business and be successful as an entrepreneur as opposed to being an employee that is just barely getting by. Susan has plenty of web pages and articles that one could look at in order to get ideas as to how one could succeed as a businesswoman. One very important thing about Susan is that she listens to people and responds to their concerns and provides them the answers that they are looking for. She is an example others should follow.