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Just Like Michael Jackson

The talented Sergio Cortes is taking the world by storm as the greatest Michael Jackson impersonator in existence. Extremely gifted and dynamic, his sold out performances show how he has harnessed the total substance of the late beloved star Michael Jackson. Cortes remembers watching MJ when he was growing up and became a fan early in his life. He really loves Michael and wanted to be just like him. He would spend all his time imitating Jackson’s moves and mannerisms and began evolving his natural talents.

Sergio realized that his natural resemblance to Michael Jackson was uncanny and maybe he can create a full time career. Being a big fan of Michael made this an easy decision and Cortes went forward to becoming the most authentic Michael Jackson impersonator the world has ever seen.

Sergio’s style of clothing transformed and he would only dress like Michael. He copied MJ’s walk, and singing voice as well. Everything was Michael so much so that people would think he was the real “King Of Pop” where ever he went. His singing voice is so similar to Michael Jackson’s that it is incredible.

Even singing without any background music you can close your eyes and actually think your listening to the real Michael. Cortes has made fans all over the world and they follow him where ever he goes. His devotion and love for Michael is what drives all his performances. Just like MJ he is a perfectionist and wants to always give the show of a lifetime.

Sergio has countless videos through out the internet and many are hearing about this spectacular MJ impersonator. Soft spoken and elegant Sergio really loves and cares about his fans. He reaches out to them all the time through his facebook page. His name is becoming more and more famous and his performances are in high demand. He still practices everyday and has all the Michael Jackson outfits from every era.

The full Michael Jackson experience is felt when watching a Cortes performance. I don’t think anyone can compete with him because he has the full package of a great impersonator. The look, the sound, and the moves are all on point and this is why Michael Jackson fans adore Sergio. He is bringing back all those wonderful memories of the most electrifying entertainer the world has ever known. The best part of it all is that Sergio really enjoys what he is doing and it shows.


Impersonation is the act of acting like someone else, everything about them, the way they dress, sing, dance, talk. These are acts that requires great patience, hard work and a lot of practice. It also requires the impersonator to know everything about the character, every small inch of detail to be able to pull off a similar act of the character.
For Sergio Cortes, born on July 30th, 1971 in Brazil, this act began when he was a child. He was always obsessed with the Jackson Five, but he paid particular attention to Michael Jackson, who was not only the lead singer of the group but also was the youngest of them all. He focused solely on Michael Jackson because he was a look alike. A complete almost too-perfect-to-be-real duplicate. As a teenager, journalists and photographers would take pictures of him and sell them as veritable Michael Jackson photos.
Sergio Cortes worked in Destiny Projects, a company specializing in managing artistic development in is here where he learned to perfect his art. He performed mostly in his home country, entertaining his people with his flawless duplication of the musical legend. He soon gained popularity since his fans loved his great talent, recreating every fine distinction of the ‘King of Pop’.
In 2009, after the death of the pop legend, Sergio decided to take on his career full force in a bid to keep Michael Jackson’s name alive in people’s hearts. He had already gained great media presentation so it would be easy for him to capture the title of Best Michael Jackson Impersonator. He did encapsulate the legend to total perfection. Imagine some hours he had to put into perfecting the famous ‘Moonwalk,’ something many people have tried to get to no avail. But he did.
Sergio’s voice is the perfect replica of Michael Jackson. He hits the high notes with the pitch-perfect precision you could easily think you’re listening to Michael Jackson himself. He has covered all the pop legend’s songs beautifully and with utmost perfection. He also did videos of ‘Thriller’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’ recapturing everything we all loved about Michael Jackson.
Aside from his voice, Sergio Cortes delivers the perfect Michael Jackson look. Style of dress and personality of Michael Jackson, Sergio will give that too. On stage, he also does deliver. Energetic, gifted and entertaining, he brings pure exuberance to Michael Jackson fans who were unable to see him alive and to those who just wish to relive the moments of the legend as he lived.
As we see, Sergio loved Michael Jackson so much, so he chose a career path in recreating the legend’s life as he lived, in behavior, character, looks, reproducing the total package. He is always a sight to behold for any Michael Jackson fan, and he certainly is the best Michael Jackson impersonator ever!