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Frans Schoeman Directs Phatsima Diamond Law Firm With Proven Best Results for Clients

When it comes to famed South African lawyer Frans Schoeman directing the Phatsima Diamond Law Firm in Bellville, there are numerous online testimonials from happy clients who credit Schoeman and his team with sorting their legal woes out. In fact, both Schoeman and his legal partner Helene Joubert, have not only shared this famed law practice in Bellville, South Africa, but they also share two lovely children as man and wife. Thus, it’s no secret that families looking for top legal representation choose the Schoeman team of lawyers.

Another aspect of Frans Schoeman is his longtime professional association with the Cape Law Society and South Africa’s High Court as a top professional who practices law in this country at a time of uncertainty and change. Schoeman is skilled at helping clients with such things as trust accounts and all aspects of commercial and corporate law.

Corporate law expert in South Africa

At a time when commercial and corporate law issues are on public scrutiny in South Africa, it’s good to know that Frans Schoeman has client’s backs in this highly complex legal arena of business law. Schoeman is credited with successfully navigating this body of law that covers regulations, rights and the overall legal conduct of business owners. He is also skilled at ensuring all business practices of individuals and corporations are fully legal and ethical under current South African law. This ability to translate all the regulations and statutes for everyday business people is golden at a time when the country’s economy is uncertain and plagued with legal scandals involving corporate greed and corruption, states a legal expert commenting online.

Meanwhile, there are case after case in the business law courts that signal that Schoeman is the lawyer to have on one’s side if there is legal issues involving corporations or others attacking well meaning local business owners. Who are you going to call for business legal help? The answer today in South Africa is Frans Schoeman, say happy clients.

Schoeman helps business owners

The fact that this top lawyer is ready and able to help victims of corporate and other business-related corruption in South Africa today is a testament to the legal abilities of Schoeman, say clients. For instance, there have been numerous legal decisions in country that involved business owners who have been the victims of scam artists and other illegal activities. Thanks to hiring Schoeman, these once victims of corporate crime are now free to run their businesses without the specter of crime or legal punishment over their heads.

Overall, Frans Schoeman has proven his worth as a South African lawyer who really knows his profession; while his victories for clients in the High Court is proof that he is one of the best business law experts in the country.

Park Yeon-mi- a Human Activist Campaigns Against North Korean Regime

Human rights activists like Yeonmi Park on are people who individually or as part of a group protect different human rights. December 9th, 1998 marks a historic achievement in the struggle for a better protection of these rights and for those who are at risk for carrying out human rights activities. The United Nations adopted the Declaration on this date to universally recognize how important and legitimate the work of human rights activists is and to better protect those involved in that work.

Human rights activists work to ensure the basic rights and freedoms that humans are entitled to are carried out. They appear in many campaigns such as:
* Prevention of hate crimes
* Prevention of physical torture
* Campaigns for political and civil rights
* Gay rights
* Many other human rights abuses
They will campaign against these unjust acts and bring the issues into the limelight of the public media to make everyone aware of acts being carried out that are unfair.

Throughout history many human activists have gained national or worldwide fame for their efforts. Some of those include:
* Alan Lomax who advocated civil rights for minorities through folk music.
* Amal Alamuddin (also known as Amal Clooney) supported the country of Armenia in their fight to gain recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Turkish Government.
* Anita Roddick introduced the concept of refillable containers and sample sachets which led to her environmental activism campaign. Her company was one of the first to prohibit animal testing’s and promoted fair trade with third world countries.
* Joan Chandos Baez fought for many in her role as human activists; environmental, women’s rights, human rights and children’s rights.
* Martin Luther King has received historical merits for his fight in not only human rights but also in civil rights.

A current day and active human right’s activist, Park Yeon-mi escaped from North Korea in 2007 and campaigns against the North Korean regime. She left her audience in tears when she recounted her experiences on stage how she escaped to freedom. She recounted how she was brainwashed, witnessed executions and starving. Her limited viewing of the blockbuster, Titanic showed her a world where love was possible and it became her goal to reach it. She followed her sister across a frozen river in China where she endured many hardships. Her mother, who escaped with her, had to hide from the Chinese as they made their way to freedom.

Yeonmi Park is becoming the voice and face of her oppressed people. Living in Seoul, South Korea she is writing a book about her suffrage. She has become an inspiration for those who love freedom throughout the world. She was a featured speaker in 2014 at the Oslo Freedom Forum and The One Young World Summit in Dublin. Her passionate account of the brutality she witnessed in North Korea has become an international sensation. It has gained her the title of, Top 100 Global Women, by the BBC and is profiled in many media outlets.