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U.S. Mobile Operator ‘FreedomPop’ Expands Service to the UK

The Telegraph technology, media and telecomm Editor Christopher Williams posted an article in the September 23rd issue notifying readers that U.S. mobile operator FreedomPop had ventured across the Atlantic Ocean to take on UK budget providers like Tesco Mobile and TalkTalk in a challenge to the lucrative mobile market.

FreedomPop is offering, after a one-time set-up fee of £7, a free basic monthly service that provides 200 minutes of calls, 200 texts and 200MB of data. Because making a profit is a necessity of business on, FreedomPop is counting on their customers purchasing additional air time and media packages once they have used up their free allowance each month. The cost of these added packages is estimated to be between £4.99 and £16.99 per month.
As a bonus to earn additional free allowances each month, subscribers can participate in taking third-party surveys.

FreedomPop is essentially a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO). They will not own any infrastructure like mobile masts but instead will buy capacity on the Three network to give away or sell to their customers.

In order to reach a positive cash flow position, FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols said the company would have to attract only 50,000 UK customers. This figure is based on past history in the United Sates where half of their customers buy the extra capacity on a regular monthly basis.

Stokols was working for BT in London when he originally came up with the idea. When the BT board of directors passed on the idea, he took his concept to the United States and formed FreedomPop in 2011.

One method FreedomPop plans to use to reduce costs is to use Wifi networks in place of mobile networks to handle most of their traffic. The article stated that Mr. Stokols would travel to the UK soon to arrange a deal with his former employer BT Wifi network for around 5 million hotspots nationwide.

At first, only online applications will be processed for subscribers to the new service. Stokols is in talks with several major retailers for a street presence, but with early interest expressed by over 250,000 Britons, there’s probably no rush to head in that direction. In fact, with that many potential subscribers already showing interest in the mobile service, FreedomPop may have to put a cap on its customer base after only a few months of operation in order to manage its growth wisely.
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Brian Mulligan- A Man of Diversity


Brian Mulligan has had his hands in nearly every major entertainment company for the last thirty years. He doesn’t just dabble either, when Brian Mulligan gets involved, he is hired on as the CEO, COO, CFO or Chairman of the Board. He has been mentioned in more magazines than even he can count. He has been honored as “One of the Ten Most Prominent Bankers of Hollywood” as well as “One of the 50 Most Powerful People in Hollywood” Simply stated, Brian Mulligan is Sir Hollywood.
Mr. Mulligan has worked exhaustively with private equity and was instrumental in almost two billion dollars worth of entertainment transactions. “Brian never lost us a penny, not one cent in my company or any other company that he has been involved with.” His expertise and strategic involvement stretches from films, TV, and music publishing all the way to Cable, broadcast journalism, video games and theme parks. “His knowledge is expansive, varied and always spot on. If you are lucky enough to get ten minutes of his time it will be the best spent ten minutes of your business career.”
Brian will tell you that he considers himself to be a “very fortunate man. I studied hard, worked hard and I worked smart. After being in this industry for over thirty years I am still blessed with a strong mind and strong character.” Brian attended both USC and UCLA. “I didn’t have much growing up so I knew I wanted to make my parents proud and proud they are.
Brian won’t carry on about the work he has done for other companies, what he does want to talk about is his passion for charities and political causes. Brian, who always gives credit to his team, helped raise over ninety million dollars for local schools, St. Jude, City of Hope and countless other charities and organizations. “Brian is the hardest working person I know. His ambition for business is nothing compared to the passion he has for helping others who need it the most.”
An ex administrative assistant was quoted as saying “Brian is tough. Really tough but he has a sweet side too, one that he tries to deny having. If you want to see his sweet side just read some of his blogs.” Brian is fond of writing about “not judging others, kid’s rights and family values.” Brian Mulligan has done a lot, achieved a lot and is worth a lot. What does Brian have to say about his next thirty years; millions of inquiring minds will be waiting to find out.

How Brian Mulligan Spells Success

“A willingness to change is a prerequsite.” This is the motto by which Brian Mulligan lives his life and performs his duties. He believes that a flexible mindset is one that can adapt to almost any situation as well as find the opportunity to excel despite the roadblocks thrown in front of you.

This motto has obviously worked well for Mr Mulligan. Having held a large variety of upper management positions, he is an excellent example of how being willing to change in light of the circumstances one faces is a winning formula for success. As former Managing Director for media and telecommunications investment banking at Deutsch Bank Securities, and present CEO of Broknol Advisers, Mr. Mulligan is always willing to face any and all challenges both professionally and privately.

Brian Mulligan holds a Bachelors’ of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Southern California and a Masters’ in Business Administration from UCLA. Both of these degrees helped him to form a solid foothold in the media, entertainment and finance industries.

30 Years is ho long Mr Mulligan has been involved in the media and entertainment industries. He has played a key role in helping many a start up or fresh company structure their business in order to endure for the long haul. His unique ability to help companies to see what the future holds for them and help them to have an attitude of change has helped them to stay in business longer and see more profits.

Mr. Mulligan’s track record of success has also led to him being a very sought after public speaker. Having spoken at a number of conferences and professional symposiums, he is well loved and respected in his field. His primary focus of expertise surrounds the entertainment industry, sports industry and the realm of emerging businesses.

Mr. Mulligan has also donated much of his time and money to charities and community organizations. He has personally helped to raise more than $90 million for local schools and has volunteered at many political causes and private charities.

Mr. Mulligan has also given of himself and his time to volunteer as a coach for local children’s sports leagues. Among some of the leagues that he has coached includes football and basketball. His donations of money have included such organizations as St. Jude, City of Hope, United Way, and the YMCA. A man of many talents, Brian Mulligan is helping to shape a better world for us all.