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Sergio Cortes: Michael Jackson Best Impersonator

There are many impersonators of Michael Jackson, but none of them has come as close to him as Sergio. Born and raised in Spain, Barcelona, Sergio is a spitting image of Michael. It is not only his form of dressing or dancing but also his physical appearance and mannerisms that are so alike to Jackson. Sergio began impersonating Michael since he was a small boy. At first, he did not try to impersonate Michael; he just loved the way he danced hence tried copying his moves. He, however, looked so similar to Jackson that he started drawing crowds wherever he visited.

When a local reporter posted his videos and pictures online, Sergio the star came into existence. Sergio’s videos were appraised almost instantly, and he started getting requested to perform Michael Jackson simulations at shows. It was not until he was a teenager that millions of people started showing up to watch him sing and dance like Jackson that he realized he had a future in showbiz. As he grew older, he began learning on how to sound like Michael and refining his dance moves. Indisputably, Michael made a mark as an exhilarating performer. There is no better signature dance move that characterizes his act than the moonwalk dance style.

The natural capability to perform like Michael isolated him from the other world impersonators. Currently, at 44 years of age, Sergio moves, sounds and looks very much like Jackson that it is weird. He has many videos in the internet showing his unsurpassed skills in mimicking Michael moves in dancing as well as singing his songs. When he merges the special effects, music, costumes with his dance moves, he plainly brings back the king of pop on the stage. His performances almost always leave the audience mesmerized. Nowadays, Cortez performs and lives in Brazil and is a local celeb there.

Sergio Cortes work has been renowned by very many fans in South America and Brazil. Most of these fans acclaim that Sergio is the best-looking imitation of Michael Jackson and love him almost equally as the king of pop. His performances have got him a universal following. Cortes Facebook fan page has slightly over 17,300 likes. His present shows include dancers, vocals, and musicians. His recent venture, “Human Nature Live Show” is being carried out in Italy and attributes a two-hour live performance.

Cortes Wows Audiences Worldwide

If you are looking for a good show to put on, getting quality entertainment can be tricky. Going with a good impersonator can be a good bet, but there are only a few that are really the best at a certain performer. Sergio Cortes has stepped up the level of Michael Jackson impersonators, and delivers a top quality show in many venues all over the world.
Sergio Cortes comes from Barcelona, Spain, where he grew up a fan of the legendary performer’s style. Unquestionably, Michael Jackson made his mark as a thrilling performer, and no greater signature move represents his act better than his moonwalk dance steps. A series of steps that looks forwards, yet moves the performer backwards, it has been performed going back to the 30s with Cab Calloway. Millions all over the world for generations have mimicked Jackson’s moves. And when Cortes was a young sixth grader in Barcelona, he began to see that he had the natural feel for the steps Jackson had debuted on March 25, 1983 during a live performance of the Billie Jean song.
Other interpreters of Jackson have included performers as well known as Michael Bublé, yet many others have failed to provide the full Michael Jackson impersonation successfully. A South Asian act called Tigerstyle was able to wow audiences for awhile, emphasizing the song and dance steps to “Bille Jean.”
Cortes, who was born in 1971, became well known for looking like Jackson taken when he was a teenager. The photos taken by a local reporter assured Cortes employment as a Jackson impersonator for years to come.
Cortes’ current act includes many of the best features of the show that Jackson would deliver with, and many followers agree that Cortes and Jackson are practically indistinguishable in looks, especially from the Thriller album age of Michael Jackson.
His work has been appreciated by fans especially in Brazil and South America, and many tout Cortes as the best Michael Jackson impersonator in history. His current show includes musicians, vocals and dancers. His current project, “Human Nature Live Show” is being performed in Italy, and features a live two-hour performance.

A Great Live Album

Rolling Stone Magazine has a list of what it feels are the greatest live albums in rock and roll history on their website. Number three on the list is the 1968 recording At Folsom Prison from Johnny Cash. I agree with Rolling Stone that this is a fantastic live record.

The music of Johnny Cash comes across really well in a live setting points out music industry leader Susan McGalla. You can hear the stripped down arrangements of electric guitars and drums clearly. The vocals are clear and up front.

What makes this prison recording so special is the enthusiasm of the audience. You can hear the passion and support in the cheers from the prisoners in the audience. For whatever reason, Cash was very popular with men in institutions from the 1950’s through 1980’s. If a man was in prison or a mental institution during that time period, then the chances are good that he liked Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash had trouble finding his market in the music industry during his day. He was a little too alternative for mainstream country, and he was a little too out there for mainstream pop. He found his audiences in the margins of American society. There was nothing especially pretty about the Man in Black, but his fans loved him nonetheless for being the unique musical presence he was.

Van Morrison Releasing Duets Album

Van Morrison, the legendary Irish singer-songwriter, is releasing a new record of duets. The songs are his own, all picked from his catalog or around 400 recorded songs. He is singing with a number of different artists, including Steve Winwood and Mavis Staples. Some of Morrison’s hits are on the records along with some more obscure songs.

Morrison, who is 69, says he has so many songs since for decades his record company demanded two full-length records a year. It’s interesting to consider that artists like Morrison who are now considered legends had to really prove their business worth earlier in their careers to record companies with a lot of control. Now, Morrison probably has a lot of say in how his music is handled, but back in the 1960’s he probably didn’t have as much.

In the interview with Gianfrancesco Genoso documented on, Morrison recalls singing duets with Jim Morrison of The Doors in 1966. Seeing how much Van Morrison has accomplished since then is a depressing reminder of how early his friend Jim Morrison’s life ended. It’s a shame Jim Morrison isn’t still alive and creating like Van Morrison is.

Van Morrison also recalled playing duets with blues legend John Lee Hooker. He said that working with John Lee Hooker was easy since they were both intuitive musicians. The music and arrangements weren’t carefully worked out beforehand. Apparently, they both just instinctively knew what to do.