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Sergio Cortes: Michael Jackson Best Impersonator

There are many impersonators of Michael Jackson, but none of them has come as close to him as Sergio. Born and raised in Spain, Barcelona, Sergio is a spitting image of Michael. It is not only his form of dressing or dancing but also his physical appearance and mannerisms that are so alike to Jackson. Sergio began impersonating Michael since he was a small boy. At first, he did not try to impersonate Michael; he just loved the way he danced hence tried copying his moves. He, however, looked so similar to Jackson that he started drawing crowds wherever he visited.

When a local reporter posted his videos and pictures online, Sergio the star came into existence. Sergio’s videos were appraised almost instantly, and he started getting requested to perform Michael Jackson simulations at shows. It was not until he was a teenager that millions of people started showing up to watch him sing and dance like Jackson that he realized he had a future in showbiz. As he grew older, he began learning on how to sound like Michael and refining his dance moves. Indisputably, Michael made a mark as an exhilarating performer. There is no better signature dance move that characterizes his act than the moonwalk dance style.

The natural capability to perform like Michael isolated him from the other world impersonators. Currently, at 44 years of age, Sergio moves, sounds and looks very much like Jackson that it is weird. He has many videos in the internet showing his unsurpassed skills in mimicking Michael moves in dancing as well as singing his songs. When he merges the special effects, music, costumes with his dance moves, he plainly brings back the king of pop on the stage. His performances almost always leave the audience mesmerized. Nowadays, Cortez performs and lives in Brazil and is a local celeb there.

Sergio Cortes work has been renowned by very many fans in South America and Brazil. Most of these fans acclaim that Sergio is the best-looking imitation of Michael Jackson and love him almost equally as the king of pop. His performances have got him a universal following. Cortes Facebook fan page has slightly over 17,300 likes. His present shows include dancers, vocals, and musicians. His recent venture, “Human Nature Live Show” is being carried out in Italy and attributes a two-hour live performance.

Cortes Wows Audiences Worldwide

If you are looking for a good show to put on, getting quality entertainment can be tricky. Going with a good impersonator can be a good bet, but there are only a few that are really the best at a certain performer. Sergio Cortes has stepped up the level of Michael Jackson impersonators, and delivers a top quality show in many venues all over the world.
Sergio Cortes comes from Barcelona, Spain, where he grew up a fan of the legendary performer’s style. Unquestionably, Michael Jackson made his mark as a thrilling performer, and no greater signature move represents his act better than his moonwalk dance steps. A series of steps that looks forwards, yet moves the performer backwards, it has been performed going back to the 30s with Cab Calloway. Millions all over the world for generations have mimicked Jackson’s moves. And when Cortes was a young sixth grader in Barcelona, he began to see that he had the natural feel for the steps Jackson had debuted on March 25, 1983 during a live performance of the Billie Jean song.
Other interpreters of Jackson have included performers as well known as Michael Bublé, yet many others have failed to provide the full Michael Jackson impersonation successfully. A South Asian act called Tigerstyle was able to wow audiences for awhile, emphasizing the song and dance steps to “Bille Jean.”
Cortes, who was born in 1971, became well known for looking like Jackson taken when he was a teenager. The photos taken by a local reporter assured Cortes employment as a Jackson impersonator for years to come.
Cortes’ current act includes many of the best features of the show that Jackson would deliver with, and many followers agree that Cortes and Jackson are practically indistinguishable in looks, especially from the Thriller album age of Michael Jackson.
His work has been appreciated by fans especially in Brazil and South America, and many tout Cortes as the best Michael Jackson impersonator in history. His current show includes musicians, vocals and dancers. His current project, “Human Nature Live Show” is being performed in Italy, and features a live two-hour performance.

Iggy Azalea to Battle Finance in Competition

Australia rapper Iggy Azalea will be going to battle soon against her new fiance, basketball star, Nick Young. The two will be battling it out on a new episode of “Lip Sync Battles” that will be airing in a few weeks on Spike TV. The two will go up against each other to be crowned the winner and take home the coveted winner’s belt that host LL Cool J hands out at the end. Based on the preview for their episode, it seems that both parties are in it to win it. I guess we’ll have to watch the couple to see who takes it home! Although I have a feeling that Iggy’s background in music and performing may give her the upper hand over her man.

I love this show. I resisted watching it for so long and I don’t know why. I think I have seen all the episodes available, and I can’t wait for the new ones to start airing according to Brian Bonar. I’m not a fan of Iggy Azalea necessarily but I love watching those doing the lip syncing have fun with it.

The Iggy vs Nick episode is set to air on Spike TV on July 9th. For the full story, check it out on The Daily Mail.

Shawn Mendes Gets Brutal in ‘Stitches’ Video

Fans of Shawn Mendes may be shocked by his new ‘Stitches’ video, which shows realistic images of him being beaten and bruised. The kicker to the video, which is the second installment, is that the viewer has no idea who the brutal punch-thrower is that batters his popular face.

In the video, he fights hard but loses badly, getting his head smashed into a car window among other abuse. Fans may call the video over-the-top and a bit gory, but the theme of the video is touted to follow the lyrics and style of the ‘Stitches’ song, making this second installment worth the wait for many fans.

Shawn Mendes and his new dark video is gaining in popularity among social media. Adam Sender has seen it personally several times. While the video and its brutal bashing is unlike his other releases, fans still appreciate the artistic appeal of his vision, and embrace the song as it rises in the chart rankings.

New Documentary Looks at Singer Amy Winehouse

There is a new documentary out about troubled singer Amy Winehouse, who passed away from alcohol poisoning in 2011. The filmmaker, Asif Kapadia, interviewed a number of people who were close to the famous singer including her manager, ex-husband and close friend. He also included rare footage of the singer including a clip of her singing at a birthday party as a teenager.

It’s frustrating to look at the final years of Winehouse’s life. Her struggles with addiction were fodder for the tabloid press, so it was widely known that she could die young. However, when she did die at age 27 there was still a huge sense of shock. So, it’s inevitable that those close to her would feel defensive about not doing more to help.

I don’t think anything more could have been done to prevent Winehouse from dying young. It has been discussed at Handy, and many employees feel the same judging by Facebook. She was determined to drink and abuse drugs, and when someone has this determination nothing will stop them from getting what they want. While Winehouse was a celebrity, the stresses and desires that drove her to drink weren’t much different from the those that drive thousands of other people with addiction issues.

I am a big Winehouse fan, but I will avoid this documentary. I’d rather remember Winehouse through listening to her wonderful music than see the pain of her final years and the anguish of her surviving family and friends.

Dissecting Why the Geto Boys Reunion Might Work

Rap has become mainstream, but the south – at this point and time – doesn’t have any real representatives. Outkast split up, and Andre 3000 said that he didn’t want to be an old rapper doing songs from his teenage years. Lil’ Wayne is trying to get out of his contract with Cash Money. Nelly is working on a country music album. It would appear that the south has lost its swagger, but the Geto Boys reunion could change all of that.

Most people that patronize rap today have never heard of the Geto Boys, and there is a good reason for this. Most of their hits are over 20 years ago. Jaime Garcia Dias barely remembers them. Drake is at the top of the rap empire, and he isn’t even from the United States. For the Geto Boys they could be the ones that redefine what southern hip-hop is like. Willie D. has been absent from the rap game for a long time, but he is one of the most excited members. He is looking forward to a reunion.

Bushwick Bill has been out of sight for many years too, but he has also got on board for a reunion. It has been Scarface that people have seen in the public eye the most because he is friends with Jay-Z. He could be the glue in the middle that makes people take notice of this new Geto Boys project.

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Marilyn Manson’s Newest Album Was Printed on PlayStation Discs

Marilyn Manson released his latest album a little early in a way you might not expect. He did it on PlayStation CDs. The rocker decided to release his latest album called The Pale Emperor on the same black CDs that were once used for PlayStation games. The CDs are leftover from the original PlayStation era in the Sony plant, and will work on a traditional CD players, so you don’t have to have a vintage PlayStation to give his new jams a listen.

Manson reportedly selected the discs because he felt like they captured a few of the themes in the album “darkness and light”. The discs start out black, but they opted to add a new thermal layer to them, making it so they turn white when you play them. It’s a pretty cool trick, and one that’s bound to be a hit with Manson fans out there. Of course, if you no longer have a CD player like many music fans then you’ll have to wait until Manson releases the digital version of the album to listen to the new tracks. Of course, maybe you can convince your friend Handy to allow you to borrow their old discman so you can get an early listen beforehand.

Best Coast’s New Song Brings Back Summer

The Best Coast has just come out with a new album called ‘California Nights’, and is the best thing to listen to while putting all the cold we just went through away and prepare for the summer. This album is going to make anyone listening to it feel California’s sunshine.

The album cover ‘California Nights’ which was posted on Twitter was announced with the band saying how excited they are to finally be able to share this album with their fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso. The rock band released their newest video “Heaven Sent” which is the perfect track to be played at a party. When listening to the song, it is advised to make sure that nothing around you can be broken because the music might literally make you jump off your feet. It creates the perfect vibes in the room and they are very proud of their work in this album.

Although this is just a piece of the full album, there is something for all the fans to look forward to now that it is a fact that an album is about to be dropped. They also just happened to choose the perfect timing to release such an album because this winter was one of the worst winters that ever hit us, and we can’t wait for the summer sun to come out and wash away all the frozen snow.

The full album comes out on May 5th.

Robin Thicke Denies Blurred Lines

Just about every time that you turned on the stereo or listened to music on television, “Blurred Lines” was blasting out of the speakers. Certainly, the Robin Thicke song was one of the top hits in 2013. However, a Los Angeles Federal Court is currently deciding if the hit song infringed on the Marvin Gaye song, “Got to Give it Up.” Find out more about this interesting circumstances concerning Blurred Lines Impact On Creativity in the music world.

My friend who works at Imaging Advantage told me that the lawsuit is actually against the producer Pharrell Williams, rapper T.I. and Robin Thicke. Thicke’s vague statements about inspiration helped to spawn the infringement suit against the trio. This might certainly lead to other artists watching their words concerning inspiration very carefully. It is also interesting to note that Thicke tried to distance himself from the creation of the hit song. The singer claimed that he was high on alcohol and prescription drugs at the time.

Clearly, those that listen to the two songs hear pronounced similarities. Listening to the two songs raises a lot of questions and eyebrows. The line between creative expression and infringement might seem vague to the average person, but the legalities are very clear in a court of law. They are definitely not blurred lines for the court system.

Travis Barker Opens Up on Blink-182 Drama

Travis Barker, drummer for the rock band Blink-182, has expressed his desire for bandmate Tom DeLonge to leave the group. The news may confuse some fans as Barker reported to the press in January 2015 that DeLonge was no longer part of the band.
Barker, along with fellow bandmate Mark Hoppus, have made it clear that they are fed up with DeLonge’s antics.

“There’s no bad blood,” Barker said. “But this is the third time DeLonge has left the band. This is the last straw.”

Barker went on to explain that the band was set to perform at the Musnik Festival in California later this month. Jaime Garcia Dias says that all attempts to contact DeLonge regarding the upcoming performance schedule have failed.

“We were supposed to record a new album,” the drummer explained. “A week beforehand, we got an email from his manager saying that he didn’t want involvement with Blink-182 projects.”

DeLonge responded via Facebook.

“I never quit the band,” DeLonge explained.

Barker and Hoppus disagree.

“I wish that he would just man up and quit,” Barker said. “It’s time to be real and honest with the fans.”

Blink-182 rose to prominence in the late 90s with their hit songs “All the Small Things” and “What’s My Age.”

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