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New Order Announces New Album

Strap on your dancing shoes! Famed dance group New Order just announced that the their new album is set to drop on September 25th. Music Complete will be their first record in 10 years. It also marks their tenth studio record. You will be able to purchase it in a variety for formats, including black vinyl, limited edition clear vinyl, CD, and digital. An eight-piece exclusive colored vinyl set will include the album, plus all 11 tracks in extended form. It is all now ready topre-order on the band’s website.

This isn’t exactly the same New Order that you came to know and love in the 1980s as Brian Torchin said. The band feels like they have become more songwriters than instrumentalists, now with more focus than their original massive in-studio jam sessions. An element of inevitable professionalism has crept into their recording over the past several years. Fear not, it is still going to compel you to move your body all around the dance floor. Check out a short preview here.

The line-up has also slightly changed. Longtime bassist Peter Hook left the group back in 2007. Keyboardist Gillian Gilbert, who last recorded with the band in 2001, returned to work on this LP.

Sam Smith is Back in the Studio

Sam Smith took fan for an exciting ride with the “In the Lonely Hour” debut, but there is a downside to becoming popular. His music became so popular that it became rather difficult for him to actually find time to slow down and do more new music. He had to have surgery because his vocal cords were damaged so this made it even harder to get back in into the studio. Now Smith himself has confirmed that he is back.

According to, he appears to be working with the duo Disclosure against on some new tracks. There last song, “Latch” proved to be a big hit that gave the U.S. a lot of exposure to Disclosure. The duo is already well-known in the United Kingdom, but Sam Smith have this group an extra ounce of exposure.

Sam Smith has a steep path set before him with another album. The first one already did so well that it becomes hard to really imagine what he could do next. Fortunately, he writes a lot of his own material. This means that he doesn’t have to worry about waiting for someone to hand him a hit song. He can write his very own.

Smith is a talented man with a lot of promise. He has mainstream appeal even though he is influenced by soul music. Fans are eager to see him return with some new soulful music for 2015.

Selena Gomez Reveals Info about New Music

So much attention has been on her boyfriend Justin Bieber that it has become difficult to see what Selena Gomez is going to do next. It appears that Gomez has been working in her home studio, and new music is on the way. The upcoming single from the former “Wizard of Waverly Place” star is called “Good For You.”

As with most young stars, the information about this has been revealed through social media. Fans that follow her on Instagram can see that the song is set to be released in June. The will coincide with new music that Justin Bieber has coming out this summer. Neither Gomez or Bieber has release dates for their new albums, but both could be blowing the airwaves with new music for the summer.

There has been so much focus on Bieber and his comeback. It is almost like Gomez has taken a backseat even though she was the one that played a part in his return. Susan McGalla thinks this is all pretty weird. It was Selena that stuck around and waited for him to clean up his act according to what was posted on Crunchbase. It was a her “Heart Wants What it Wants” single that seemed to call Bieber from the dark side that he had drifted into. Now Selena is slowly coming back into center stage and fans seem excited about her return. She has been doing interviews to promote the music, and this seems to be her primary passion.

Lorde and Disclosure: Great Match

Lorde and Disclosure are the best musical match up to happen this year. Disclosure first teamed up with Lorde during last year’s BRIT awards where they performed a mashup of “Royals” and “White Noise”. Lorde’s voice pairs so well with Disclosure’s synths that they’ve decided to collaborate on a song or possibly a whole album according to a tweet that Lorde made. Both Lorde and Disclosure have brought up their future projects and that the collaboration is mostly likely to end up on Lorde’s album.


This is pretty exciting news as Lorde is possibly one of the most talented and popular artists this year and last. Gianfrancesco Genoso certainly thinks she is high up there in the rankings. I can only hope that the collaboration goes well and sounds as good as the Royals/White Noise mashup did. I also hope that all of Lorde’s fans love it and are anxious for the release of the new album.

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Lil Wayne Is Not Happy With Young Thug Releasing Carter 6

When it comes to this, fans are not surprised that Lil Wayne is not pleased with this situation. Young Thug announced the release date and the cover for his new album, Carter 6. Everyone is contemplating whether this is was a very disrespectful move on Young Thug’s part or a very smart one, or both…

Lil Wayne remained quite on this topic for many months after Young Thug reported that he is going to be releasing Carter 6 through Carter 10. These albums use a series name even though Lil Wayne already did the same thing with Tha Carter and Tha Carter V. Lil Wayne has finally reported that he is extremely unhappy with this situation and that it is 100% disrespect.

Lil Wayne shouted to his audience at his Mississippi show last Thursday that everyone should stop listening to the songs of a rapper that is posing naked on his album cover. Lil Wayne was talking about how Young Thug is completely naked on his Carter 6 album cover with only a small phrase of text covering it. This announcement caught Paul Mathieson and other fans by surprise.

Last September, Young Thug reported that he is not sure why this would be a problem to Lil Wayne because he is coming out with other albums besides Carter. He was not sure at that time if he was going to name this album Carter 6 because he said that it depended on what Lil Wayne will name his next album. Well, rumors were true because Carter 6 is definitely coming out. We will have to wait to see how this pans out.

Zayn Malik Releases Solo Demo

It’s only been a week since Zayn Malik announced he was leaving the band One Direction for good. His departure from the band left fans up in arms and in total disbelief. However, fans won’t be upset for too much longer considering we already have solo music from the former 1D group member.

On March 30th, producer Naughty Boy who has worked with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Leona Lewis and Rihanna tweeted about is upcoming project with Malik. Brian Torchin told me that the tweet read, “Let the music do the talking guys. Thank us later.” Also including with the tweet was a link to the popular music app, Soundcloud.

Although the link has already been removed from Soundcloud’s website, it apparently contained a demo from Zayn Malik. It has been speculated that Naughty Boy briefly released the demo in an attempt to retaliate against One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson. Apparently Tomlinson and Naughty Boy, whose real name is Shahid Khan had a squabble on Twitter earlier in the week. Fans have speculated Naughty Boy released the demo to rile them up even more than they already are.

The so-called track is titled, “I won’t Mind – Zayn Naughty Demo.” Naughty Boy captioned the posted demo as “There is nothing but love for what was left behind. That’s why we don’t mind. #zaughty #zinbad.” The news isn’t sitting well with current members of One Direction and with some fans. It will be interesting to see if anything actually develops.

Ciara Has A New Video After Split With Fiance

Break ups are very hard on everyone, but the one thing they improve is the quality of the music. Just look at Ciara and Sam Smith. Sam’s break up caused him to win 4 Grammy’s, while Ciara’a break up from Future has caused her to release a new video of her song “I Bet”.

Future has also been busy since the split and has just come out with his own song “Overrated” which features Wiz Khalifa and Mike Will Made It. Ciara came out with her video on Monday March 9th, and in the video you can see Ciara showing off her dance skills in what seems to be a combination of ballet and some other dancing skills.

Ciara had just ended her relationship with rapper Future this past summer, and while the two were on their way to getting engaged, they ended up each going their own way instead. It’s a truly sad thing that happened to the music world, but the two are working hard on their music and focusing on the real goal behind why they are where they are, even contacting a real estate agency about their house.

This upcoming album is going to be Ciara’s sixth studio album, and “I Bet” is the lead single on the album. Let’s see if Ciara and Future are going to make it to the billboard charts.

It’s not presumable to think that the two will ever be working together anytime soon.

Is Miley Cyrus Back In The Studio?

The last statement Miley Cyrus had to make to her fans is still in transition with her new looks and the way she acts, and everyone is still suffering from it. Her last album was really good, but it also carried a lot of drama around it, and her actions throughout those times clearly stated how wild the time she was going through was.

In her latest instagram news, it appears that Miley is working on something new, and from the little video she posted back on Sunday, it sounds a lot different than her previous work.

Who wouldn’t want to hear Miley use her voice for good and get back the focus she needs to make music without all the crazy acts that come with it. She has matured a lot in the past year or two and she still has a long career ahead of her. Gianfrancesco Genoso says it is important for her to decide the direction she wants to take if she decides to release a new album any time soon Minhateca feels.

According to an Entertainment Tonight interview, Miley said that her time is now spent only in the studio working on music and creating something new. She already has a lot of music recorded and can get an album out at anytime, just the question of which songs to add in the album, and which songs to keep for future drama and exes.

Jay Z Might Not Be Launching His Own Internet Radio Station

Jay Z may not be launching his own internet radio station after all. The singer was rumored to be in talks with Tideal, a music-streaming service whose claim to fame is its superior audio quality over comparable services.

It turns out that the owners of the company aren’t quite as excited about the potential purchase as Jay Z is. Over 10 percent of the companies investors have rejected the bid, which means Jay Z’s purchase of the company is effectively blocked. It’s unclear why investors rejected the bid. they may think they can get more money for their shares or they might simply not like the idea of Jay Z owning the company

Jay Z has yet to officially respond to the rejection. If he does, Jason Halpern feels he might choose to offer the group more money for the service or try and obtain a smaller share of the company in exchange for the same amount of money, according to TheRealDeal.

Stevie Wonder, New TV Special, CD


February 16th CBS will air the music special Songs in the Key of Life, An All Star Tribute to Stevie Wonder. A cast of today’s top artists will pay homage to Wonder’s songbook. Performers on the special include Chris Martin, Usher, Willie Nelson, and ED Sheeran.
Wonder will also release his first album in ten years later this year. It’s tentatively titled Through the Eyes of Wonder.
Wonder said the CD will reflect what he has experienced in the last ten years. He wants people to reach a new level of positivity, and then take action to make things happen.
About the police shooting death of Eric Gardner, Wonder said:
“I’ll tell you what I do understand: I heard Eric Garner say with my own ears, ‘I can’t breathe.'”
Concerning the state of the world today, Wonder had these comments that Brad Reifler loved to see were quoted in the cover story on
“We’re stuck in fear and in not wanting to cross that most important bridge of understanding that we’re more alike or not. We have to want the same thing. I’ve got to want the same thing for your son or daughter I would want for mine. I’ve got to make sure that your son is as educated as mine, or vice versa. We’ve got to make sure we all live in communities that are safe.”

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