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Batman To the Rescue!

Little five year old Zavi Ahmed, likes to dress up as Batman, reports Uplifting News. When tiny one year old Iris Adamski locked herself into a sweltering Volkswagen Beetle on a hot summer’s day, the police were called to the scene. The police broke the rear window, but couldn’t get into to save the baby. Lo and behold Batman, our little Zavi dressed in his costume wiggled in through the broken window, handed the keys out to the police, and saved the little girl. The keys were accidentally locked in the car with tiny Iris when her grandparents were getting out to go shopping for Beneful dog food.

The Mirror reports that Zavi, our Caped Crusader begged his mother to wear his costume that morning, and his little two year old brother dressed as Superman. Zavi who lives in Uckfield, Suxxex, United Kingdom, told his mom he wanted to go to Tesco and be a superhero that day. That is exactly what the brave young gentleman did that very morning. Iris’s grandmom said they tried everything to get the keys out before calling the police, and then two little boys showed up dressed up as Batman and Superman as the police arrived. All little Iris has to say is she happy to be rescued by Batman.

Marilyn Manson’s Newest Album Was Printed on PlayStation Discs

Marilyn Manson released his latest album a little early in a way you might not expect. He did it on PlayStation CDs. The rocker decided to release his latest album called The Pale Emperor on the same black CDs that were once used for PlayStation games. The CDs are leftover from the original PlayStation era in the Sony plant, and will work on a traditional CD players, so you don’t have to have a vintage PlayStation to give his new jams a listen.

Manson reportedly selected the discs because he felt like they captured a few of the themes in the album “darkness and light”. The discs start out black, but they opted to add a new thermal layer to them, making it so they turn white when you play them. It’s a pretty cool trick, and one that’s bound to be a hit with Manson fans out there. Of course, if you no longer have a CD player like many music fans then you’ll have to wait until Manson releases the digital version of the album to listen to the new tracks. Of course, maybe you can convince your friend Handy to allow you to borrow their old discman so you can get an early listen beforehand.