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Perrie Edwards Wants Children With Zayn Malik

Perrie Edwards, who is engaged to Zayn Malik, she is already making plans to have children, although she and Zayn are not married yet. Perrie Edwards Interview. Both Perrie and Zayne have been engaged for over two years now, but they have yet to tie the knot. Although they are not married yet, they seem to be talking about babies anyways. Perrie did a recent interview, and she stated that she is looking for to having children by the age of 24. Perrie says that her mother had a child at age 24, and she feels that it’s an ideal age for her.

Although she is still very young, she just may change her mind in the future. Many people have been jumping on Perrie lately because they believe that she’s the reason why Zayn Malik left One Direction reports Shaygan Kheradpir. Although both parties claim that Zayn left the group on his own, Perrie is still getting the brunt of his fans’ anger. It looks as if Zayn may have actually left the group so he could pursue a solo career, so we may see some more Zayn Malik in the future.

Rumors were that Zayn had left the group One Direction because he wanted to spend more time with his girlfriend, and he wanted out of the spotlight. The fact is, Zayne has been in the spotlight more than ever, ever since he left the group, so he is achieving the opposite of what he set out to do.