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UK Market Buzzing With FreedomPop Arrival

The team at FreedomPop, a mobile wireless carrier, has been working hard for the past couple of years to prove that their quirky business idea can work. Freemium services aren’t exactly new to the world of businesses but they are rather foreign when it comes to the mobile carrier world. When you have a fairly established line of upper tier carriers, like Verizon and US Cellular, you really have to work hard to stand out from the crowd and pull in new customers. That is what FreedomPop has been doing with their fundamentally free service. Digital Trends first reported on the companies decision to try and expand overseas and we’ll dig into what this means for potential UK subscribers.

When it comes to life there are very rarely any things that are truly free. For cell phones, however, you can’t beat what FreedomPop is offering. FreedomPop is currently offering customers 200 MB of data, 200 texts, and 200 total minutes of text per month, completely free. Subscribers in the UK are being introduced to this plan in the form of a SIM card based alpha testing program. The alpha testing program is available to anyone who subscribers as part of FreedomPop’s soft launch into the country. The plan is comparable to the most basic paid plan available in the UK so it should become immediately competitive. CEO Stephen Stokols once said, “You can’t beat free” and founder Steven Seras backed that statement up by saying, “We’ve already proved that the freemium model can work for everyone.”

As it pertains to the UK market, FreedomPop has their work cut out for them. The UK market has been notoriously closed off to new start ups as a few specific companies dominate the environment there. Still, there are reasons to believe that FreedomPop will work just fine. Their special focus on UK specific expansions, such as the hyped up Jetsetter program, prove that FreedomPop isn’t taking the market lightly. COO Seras stated that he hopes to have one million customers in the country within the next 18 months which is rather ambitious considering that in America they only have 600,000.

FreedomPop was caught up in rumors of an M&A deal with Sprint for the better part of the last four or five months and that ultimately slowed down progress for a little while. According to reports Sprint offered FreedomPop $450 million for the company. That number was declined.

Making the Beneful Difference

Making a difference in your dogs diet may seem like a small order to fill. After all, how hard can it be to find a bag of food that the dog likes and is actually healthy for it? Unlike our diets, dog foods get packaged up with much less scrutiny in terms of how healthy that they actually are. This makes it easy for owners to get into the habit of buying packaged junk food and feeding their dog the meals for protracted periods of time. One company, Purina’s Beneful dog food, is stringently fighting this mindset.

The most important aspect of a dogs diet is the healthy and balanced nutrients that are delivered to them. Taking a look at Beneful Original Adult Dog Food reveals to us that their core brand is full of exactly what our pets actually need in order to thrive and survive. You will notice that their popular adult brand is made with real meat, full of vitamin enriched vegetables, and topped off with incredible quality grains. The fact that the food is moist and appealing to the dog almost seems like a side effect, really.

For more specialized diets you can find the prepared meals that Beneful sells, as well. These wet foods containers have real meat and vegetables and hit all of the nutritional needs of a growing dog.