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Jimmy Page is Moving Forward by Looking Back

At age 70, rock guitar icon Jimmy Page is moving forward with his life and career by reaching back into his storied past in an undertaking of two huge projects.

Along with the reissue of his 2010 memoir “Jimmy Page”, which will be re-released worldwide, he also was the primary force behind the reissuing of Led Zeppelin’s studio albums. This is great news for music lovers like my Zeppelin-fanatic friend Mark Ahn.

These albums are special deluxe editions which feature never before seen photographs of the band as well as unearthed outtakes and rare versions of songs which have never been heard outside the band until now.

This has proved to be a major success for the band, and led to a continuing interest in the band. Rumours abound of what exactly the band is slated for next.

The entire catalog, which started with the re-release of the first three Led Zeppelin albums in June, is a way for the rock icon to put a definitive stamp on the legacy of rock’s most endearing and influential bands.

While the album reissues are a means for Page to sum up the history and influence of Led Zeppelin, he isn’t looking to put this iconic band completely to rest. He is looking forward to working on new music in 2015, and there has been talk of the possible reformation of Led Zeppelin for a run of shows.

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Wayne Coyne Divulges Feelings Regarding the Beatles

Wayne Coyne has been a staple of American rock for many years, as the lead singer and songwriter for The Flaming Lips since 1983, not to mention moonlighting as guitarist and keyboard player in the band.

The band released their fourteenth album, With a Little Help from My Fwends on October 27, 2014. Not sure if it’s good news or not but Brian told me he saw it confirmed on Mashable that Coyne’s album is indeed a remake of the legendary Beatles album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

These records sales are raising money for the Bella Foundation, which provides veterinary care for low-income pet owners, who otherwise cannot afford proper health care for their beloved pets.

After the release, it has caused some Beatles fans to get anxious. News about Wayne Coyne and Miley Cyrus was published in Yahoo Music on October 31st.

As a result, Wayne Coyne has spoken out his mind that he likes Beatles music, and further elucidated that the remake is just another version of the album, not a replacement.

He also added his personal opinion about some of the Beatles tracks. He appreciated their recording techniques, and their radical music making ability.

He remembered his brothers playing and listening to the Strawberry Fields album, so it became a part of him when he was a child. As a conclusion, he said all those songs were great lessons to people who are interested in making music albums, and enables them to learn the tricks of mesmerising the listeners.