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Hip Hip Hooray!

Being in top physical shape is probably high on your list of priorities, but unfortunately, sometimes it is too easy to let “life” get in the way. We are always thinking we can start tomorrow.

Britney Wolf had that exact attitude for years. Though she knew she was carrying extra weight, she convinced herself it wasn’t so bad. In addition, she was was a cigarette smoker. Her ideal evening was sitting on her sofa watching television eating highly processed foods and smoking. This was a heart attack waiting to happen.

Thankfully, upon meeting a childhood friend named Bruce Levenson, Britney was able to confront the real reasons she overate and began to exercise, minus the cigarettes. With the foundation of healthy eating habits and the motivation to change, this beauty dropped 40 pounds in only three months. She was able to slowly increase her time spent exercising, as well as cutting out fried foods and processed foods. Though she states it wasn’t easy at first, her determination has helped her stick to a healthy program.

People overate for a multitude of reasons; stress,loneliness and even boredom. Eating in excess is as unhealthy as drinking too much alcohol. Once the root of the problem is found, then a plan be set into motion to help deal with negative emotions In a better way than than eat too much or turn to other vices.

Wonder Woman’s Appearance in Batman v. Superman Draws Criticism

Although her name is not in the title of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman plays an important roll. Per director Zach Snyder, Wonder Woman’s presence in the film helps setup the eventual Justice League film. Grant Morrison, a popular D.C. Comics’ writer, is being quite critical of how Lime Crime Wonder Woman is being portrayed in Batman v. Superman. Is he not looking at the big picture?

The bulk of the screen time in the Batman v. Superman film, not surprisingly, is dedicated to the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel. Yet, Wonder Woman – Gale Gadot in full costume – appears in a lot of promotional material. One of the stills released from the film features Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne, standing next to Wonder Woman’s alter ego, Diana Prince. So, will “Wonder Woman” get a lot of screen time or will “Diana Prince”? Without knowing what is in the screenplay, that question cannot be answered with any certainty.

Likely, Diana Prince will be introduced first and build to the debut of Wonder Woman. Since all the films are part of the D.C. Cinematic Universe, it would be prudent to introduce characters who will be appearing in future films. Aquaman is going to make a (brief) debut in Batman v. Superman as well. Perhaps there are going to be a number of subplots introduced in this film that eventually resolve themselves in other character’s films.

Again, we have no idea how these films will conclude or play out until they hit theaters. March 2016 is how long we have to wait for Batman v. Superman (with a dose of Wonder Woman) to be released.

LeBron James Plagued by Finals Opportunities

While most NBA fans including Kenneth Griffin have already moved on from this years exciting Cleveland Cavaliers – Golden State Warriors NBA Finals, one player is still reeling over what happened. LeBron James just re-signed to another two years in Cleveland but his mind is still racing over the missed opportunities he had against the Warriors in the Finals. LeBron, who has played in the past five straight NBA Finals, admitted to having ‘nightmares’ about all of the opportunities that he missed.

James has been one of the most consistently great players in the NBA Finals but even he had his problems. Golden State was not only an authoritative offensive team, but also a capable defensive one as well. The Cavaliers were short handed two of their three best players and they had to play LeBron almost every minute of every game.

James admitted that situations are “always replaying” in his head about what he would do differently. However, James isn’t looking back in anger. He told reporters that he is “getting better” at basketball every day and that his three kids “don’t allow” him not to be happy.

LeBron averaged 36 points, 13 rebounds, and 9 assists in the Finals and even snagged a couple of votes for the Finals MVP award, despite losing. James is 2 – 4 all time in the NBA Finals and the Cavs are already favored to come back and win it.

John 5 May Have A Number One Soda

John 5 is more that just a great guitarist if you ask John Textor. He may also be a great soda mogul. We could put him at number on the list of heavy metal guitarists who also succeeded in the soda business. Doing so would be an act of default since its not like there are 100 heavy metal guitarists running around with their name on a brand of soda.

No, John 5, guitarist for both Rob Zombie and, at one time, Marilyn Manson, stands alone.

John 5 is not the only celebrity with a soda out, though. The company he has teamed up with, Rocket Fizz, has released a host of celebrity sodas. Other joint ventures with Rocket Fizz include Roddy Piper, Snooki, and even Sugar Ray Leonard. 

As bizarre as the concept of B-grade celebrity endorsed sodas is, they have to be selling. Rocket Fizz wouldn’t be putting them out if they didn’t. Honestly, with the soda market controlled by the giants in the industry, a small company does have to have a gimmick in order to succeed. 

Rocket Fizz most definitely found an original gimmick. To be fair, the brand offers a lot more than just gimmicky endorsements. Effort is put into making a good soda.

John 5 is not the most well known name in the music industry, but he has recently released a cool solo album. He will also be featured on the upcoming new Rob Zombie studio album.