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Taylor Swift Saves Teens Lives

Taylor Swift inadvertently saved three teen girls lives when they had a car accident on the way home from one of the singers concerts on her new 1985 Tour. The Louisiana girls were heading home when the driver took an exit wrong and slammed into a pole.

According to Zeca Oliveira the driver was knocked unconscious and the other teens were trapped in the vehicle. After trying to get out, and failing, one of the girls realized that her free bracelet from the concert still lit up.

The girls used the bright flashing bracelets to flag down a driver from the hard to see from the road spot that they were trapped in.

Thanks to Miss Swift’s flashing bracelets, meant to be synchronized with her music and making a fun souvenir for concert goers, these girls all survived their harrowing ordeal. All three of them are grateful for the concert that saved their lives.