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Apple To Pay Musicians Thanks To Taylor Swift

Thanks to Taylor Swift, Apple has changed some of their policies to benefit artists. New customers are eligible for a free, three-month trial period of their music streaming service. Prior to Swift causing a stink, Apple did not pay the artist for their music during the trial period. According to reports, Swift and her people were not a fan of the non-payment policy and threatened to pull her music from the streaming sight altogether if she did not get a cut.


In fear of losing the ever prevalent pop star, Apple folded. They have now agreed to pay all musicians during the free trial period. According to Apple’s media boss, Eddy Cue, Apple “will pay artists on a per stream basis during the free three-month trial.” Apple will now begin to pay musicians 7.5% of the subscription fee.


The fuss came from a blog post written by Taylor to Apple says ciphercloud. She explained that she was going to hold back the ability for Apple to stream her newest album, 1989. Her post was written out of principle. As she stated, this was really not about her. She is capable of supporting herself as well as her team with concert revenue. However she found it necessary to stand up for this cause for all of the up and coming artists who are not in her fortunate situation. While Apple has since listened to and complied with Swift’s request, she has still not agreed to release her album for streaming.