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U.S. Mobile Operator ‘FreedomPop’ Expands Service to the UK

The Telegraph technology, media and telecomm Editor Christopher Williams posted an article in the September 23rd issue notifying readers that U.S. mobile operator FreedomPop had ventured across the Atlantic Ocean to take on UK budget providers like Tesco Mobile and TalkTalk in a challenge to the lucrative mobile market.

FreedomPop is offering, after a one-time set-up fee of £7, a free basic monthly service that provides 200 minutes of calls, 200 texts and 200MB of data. Because making a profit is a necessity of business on, FreedomPop is counting on their customers purchasing additional air time and media packages once they have used up their free allowance each month. The cost of these added packages is estimated to be between £4.99 and £16.99 per month.
As a bonus to earn additional free allowances each month, subscribers can participate in taking third-party surveys.

FreedomPop is essentially a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO). They will not own any infrastructure like mobile masts but instead will buy capacity on the Three network to give away or sell to their customers.

In order to reach a positive cash flow position, FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols said the company would have to attract only 50,000 UK customers. This figure is based on past history in the United Sates where half of their customers buy the extra capacity on a regular monthly basis.

Stokols was working for BT in London when he originally came up with the idea. When the BT board of directors passed on the idea, he took his concept to the United States and formed FreedomPop in 2011.

One method FreedomPop plans to use to reduce costs is to use Wifi networks in place of mobile networks to handle most of their traffic. The article stated that Mr. Stokols would travel to the UK soon to arrange a deal with his former employer BT Wifi network for around 5 million hotspots nationwide.

At first, only online applications will be processed for subscribers to the new service. Stokols is in talks with several major retailers for a street presence, but with early interest expressed by over 250,000 Britons, there’s probably no rush to head in that direction. In fact, with that many potential subscribers already showing interest in the mobile service, FreedomPop may have to put a cap on its customer base after only a few months of operation in order to manage its growth wisely.
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How Image Recognition is Changing Modern Technology

Image recognition is an exciting new area of technology that is steadily growing in relevance and popularity. There are literally endless possibilities to how the advancement of this technology can affect our modern day society. Its abilities are incredibly far reaching and the impact it will have on our future is undoubtedly going to be very profound. More and more companies are beginning to get involved in the research and development of image recognition, or “computer vision”. As the interest rises, and more companies invest, the technology is steadily become more advanced. Essentially, image recognition, is a computer’s ability to process and recognize the content of images. This can improve so much existing technology. It could improve search engines by providing more relevant search results. It can also impact advancements with artificial intelligence. Perfected image recognition software could potentially allow for robotics to successfully navigate their environments because they are able to recognize and identify the objects that surround them. These, however are not the only areas that would be impacted by “computer vision”. It would aid in making extraordinary advancements in neurobiology, signal processing, solid state physics, surveillance and inspections. Slyce is one of the top companies involved in visual search currently. Their innovative smart phone app, allows consumers to find specific websites or stores where they can purchase items that they run across in their everyday lives. Something like this would have been impossible, or at the very least difficult in many instances, to do. Technology is truly making astounding advancements. In order to use the app, one would simply download the app, take a photo using their smart phone of the item they are interested in, and the app will direct them to retailers who currently sell the item. This is an incredibly helpful and convenient app and the technology behind it is very advanced.