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Praise for a Ramones Live Album

Rolling Stone Magazine ranks The Ramones 1979 record It’s Alive at number 28 on its list of the 50 greatest live albums of all time. Personally, I think it should be ranked even higher.

The show the album was made from was in recorded in 1977 in London. At this time, The Ramones had released three albums and were extremely popular in England. In fact, they were a major catalyst for the whole British punk scene that included The Clash, The Stranglers and The Sex Pistols. You can hear the energy in the live record from the audience of young British punks at the beginning of a new genre of music.

Also, this show was at a time when The Ramones still believed that anything was possible in their career and that they could still become huge stars. A few years later, they had conceded defeat and were resigned to just recording and touring to have something to do and pay the bills.

It’s interesting to see The Ramones get so much critical praise years after their career has ended. They didn’t always get it when they were active. I guess that the music industry wasn’t quite ready for them. Marcio Alaor BMG feels it’s a shame that Joey Ramone in particular didn’t live long enough to see how respected the band is now.