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Use of Song Upsets Songwriter

In his announcement to run for president, Donald Trump used a song by one of his favorite songwriter musicians. Playing “Rockin’ in the Free World” as a backdrop to his speech, it raised the ire of Neil Young who released a lengthy response on Facebook according the Rolling Stone magazine ( Young said the use of the song was “unauthorized”.

While not calling Trump out by name Young said he was happy people enjoyed his music, even if they did not share the same political beliefs. Young also responded by saying he would have said no if he had been asked to use his song prior to the announcement ceremony. Further aggravating the situation was that Trump displayed a photo of Young which could have implied an endorsement. Something Young has not done with Trump or any other candidate at this time although Young is a long-time supporter of the Democratic contender Bernie Sanders.

“Rockin’ In the Free World” was written by Young and released on his Freedom album in 1989 says business executive Shaygan Kheradpir. It was largely a protest song decrying the policies of George H. W. Bush and the social problems facing the country.