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Obama Orders Release of Some Non-violent Inmates

President Barack Obama did a good deed for almost 50 people who are in jail because of drug charges. These are people who are nonviolent criminals. They have likely served the appropriate amount of time, and according to James Dondero a second chance is sometimes what people in this situation need in order to see if they will continue their ways or realize their mistakes. The people who President Obama ordered released have applied for this process. The President didn’t have to order that they be released, but he sees that there are people in jails that might not need to be there. Jail isn’t a place for everyone, especially those who have only committed a minor drug act. They have made a simple mistake and need a little rehab instead of being behind bars where they can’t change their life in the proper ways. Some of the people who President Obama ordered released would be looking at 20 years in some cases if they would stay in jail.