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Documents Asserting Human Rights Have Been Written But They Are Rarely Followed

If we go back through the history of the Western Civilization, one of the main points that most governments like to emphasize is human rights. The Magna Carta written in 1215 is a good example. The Petition of Right written in 1628 is another. Then, the United States Constitution written in 1787 proclaimed freedom and human rights for citizens. The French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen written in 1789 gave citizens the notion then had human rights and then the 1791 United States Bill of Rights was written specifically to protect the human rights of American citizens.

For the most part those declarations did help people believe they had God-given Human rights, but not all countries gave citizens that assurance. Nations around the world still considered some people inferior to other people for a wide variety of reasons. Most of those reasons started with religion. One religion was superior to another in one region of the world, and the people that had a different religious belief were turned into slaves and servants of some kind. Religion motivated people to harm other people and to look at them as less than human because some religious leader told them so. That religious prejudice is still prevalent all over the world. Religion has caused more wars and created more class separation than any other human belief and at some point that has to stop.

Religion may be the main reason people lose their human rights, but governments also do any outstanding job when it comes to taking rights away from the citizens that support them. A prime example is North Korea. The leadership of North Korea has developed a tyrannical mentality that goes beyond any belief. The people of North Korea are held captives by a regime that steals, tortures, kills and shuts the rest of the world out of their horror show. Yeonmi Parks on youtube is one North Korean that knows what it’s like to live in a country that has no tolerance for human rights. At 21 years old, Yeonmi has been through more anguish than most people in the world. She lived in ignorance and fear as a child, but she is free now.

Ms. Park is telling her story to the world, so tens of thousands of people living without human rights have a chance at a real life. She is an inspirational leader on a mission. Her story is a powerful tale of how she escaped from North Korea after she watched a black market version of the movie Titanic. With advice from her father and help from her mother and sister, Yeonmi Park made it through the Gobi Desert to freedom in a South Korean embassy in Mongolia. Her new book tells the world what living without human rights can do to people mentally, physically and spiritually.

It takes courage to fight a government with firepower. Human rights activists have a special kind of firepower and they now more than ever before they know how to use it.