The Clean Power Plan: The Right Step towards Renewable Energy Use

The move of the Reno City Council to vote in support of the Clean Power Plan is a step forward in the world economy to progress from dirty coal energy to clean and renewable energy. The vote made the council join many private sector companies in the support of the renewable and clean energy use in the industries. The union of different areas will create a strong front in the pushing the society to embrace the Clean Power Plan.

Andy Wirth notes that the need of new, sound, viable, diverse and developing economy is the responsibility of all of the people in the op-ed article published by Reno Gazette-Journal.

The economy would create opportunities for all the people in the region hence making the community in general benefit from it. There is the substantial progress of turning the economy to use clean energy, as many companies are transitioning to the renewable energy. The development of the business entities creates a sound pressure to the utilities as well as the elected officials to support the progress.

The leaders should not only comply with the plea for renewable energy but also lead from the front for the creation of the basis for a healthy and strong economy. The leaders should come up with long term as well as rational policies such as Clean Power Plan that support the clean energy. The issue of clean energy does not involve politics but is more about the well-being of the human health as well as of the climate. With the support of the world leading companies such as Tesla and Microsoft, there is hope that the use of clean energy will take root soon. Therefore, it is necessary for the leaders as well as the other sectors support ventures such as Clean Power Plan for a sound world.

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings where he has a significant effort to make ski area one of the best tourist destination globally. Apart from his venture in tourism, he has significant contribution in environmental and community service organization with the focus on improving people’s lives.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal.

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